Welcome to the site

This is a blockchain-enabled site! You'll need an Ethereum wallet, like Metamask.

Ok, here's the idea: this site gathers foreign-language news articles and asks you, the reader, to help translate them by selecting words, like 'gouvernement', for instance, and entering their meaning (easy), their part of speech (hmmm, still easy I guess), and any other extras like number, gender (hmmm...), and case (what?).

Translation and/or word-tagging is hard work, so people should be paid for it, or at least have the chance to make some money - ok, cryptocurrency - for doing so. So if you know a language, on this site you can 'buy' words by translating them. That way, when others see your translations and/or part-of-speech markers, or even just what language it is, you get 'rent' on that word. You can:

  1. Buy words like 'correr', '', or 'τρέχω' by translating them and tagging them (in these cases) as verbs.
  2. Earn rent on placenames like 'Москва' or 'Köln'.
  3. Make someone an offer for high-value words and phrases such as 'United States' or 'Brexit'